Capacitor file system crashes if i upload a 25mb file

I’ve just switched to ionic v7 and as part of this change i was forced to start using the capacitor filesystem plugin instead of the cordova one.

It seems the app crashes if I upload a file greater than 25mb. It also crashes if I upload a files 20mb + 10mb + 10mb at the same time.

Is this common and is there a way around it?

As far as I know, Capacitor doesn’t have any file size limitation. If there was such a limitation, it should be listed in the documentation.

I just tried uploading a 30MB JPG image in my app and it was fine.

What does the crash log say?

What kind of file are you uploading, and on what kind of device?

Make sure to not use base64 for uploading. I recently published a File Handling Guide for Capacitor. Feel free to take a look.

Using Capacitor is not an Ionic 7 requirement, you can use Ionic 7 with both Cordova and Capacitor.

Also Capacitor supports cordova plugins, so you don’t need to use @capacitor/filesystem if you are happy with your current Cordova plugin.

Nah can’t use cordova file plugin as IFile doesn’t work with angular 15