Capacitor camera plugin getting iOS EXIF data

I know Apple has made it difficult to get EXIF data from images taken on iOS devices. I have an investigation task into looking how to get this data in a React app that will build Windows, iOS and Android apps. Will the camera plugin allow me to access EXIF data out of the box on iOS devices or are there some hoops you need to jump through?

You can get the exif from the image path using js libraries without problems, also the camera plugin returns an exif field you can use to get the information.

On iOS, if you take the picture from the camera, it will not contain GPS information, if you pick from the gallery, it will contain GPS information if the gallery image had it.

I’m attempting to follow the tutorial which uses the camera plugin just running it in Chrome as a PWA right now.

I added exif to the return and photo.exif is coming back an undefined. After reading some other posts in stackoverflow, it sounds like exif may not exactly be finished in the plugin.

  const savePicture = async (photo: Photo, fileName: string): Promise<Photo> => {
    const base64Data = await base64FromPath(photo.path);
    const savedFile = await Filesystem.writeFile({
      path: fileName,
      data: base64Data,
      directory: Directory.Data,

    return {
      path: fileName,
      webPath: photo.webPath,
      format: "jpeg",
      exif: photo.exif,

Camera plugin on web/pwa doesn’t have all the features native iOS/Android have, exif is not returned as a separate field there.