Capacitor 6 CapacitorHttp does not send POST data

After upgrading from Capacitor 5 to 6, no POST data is sent in Android.

Android Studio LogCat (it shows that the POST data should be sent):
pluginId: CapacitorHttp, methodName: request, methodData: {"url":"https:\/\/\/login","method":"POST","data":[{"key":"login","value":"god","type":"string"},{"key":"passwd","value":"12345678","type":"string"},{"key":"device_id","value":"secret055a65bfde","type":"string"}],"headers":{"SESSIONHASH":"null","Accept":"application\/json, text\/plain, *\/*"},"dataType":"formData"}

Nothing arrives on the API side.
There are no changes in the code and I use the identical AndroidManifest.xml.

How can I debug this?

with angular 16

Report an issue on Issues · ionic-team/capacitor · GitHub and provide a sample app that reproduces the problem