Angular - capacitor Angular http request doesn't work on android build [SOLVED]

On desktop or mobile in browser (firefox) calling my backend endpoint returns the result I’d like (json object), however on capacitor android build I get an html response that is auto generated by capacitor. There is a comment in the html:

         * API is not implemented.
         * This usually means the API can't be used because it is not implemented for
         * the current platform.

I’ve tried seraching for the error, but I couldn’t find any results except, that capacitor has an http plugin, but I wouldn’t like to rewrite my code changing all angular http to capacitor http. Are there any other solutions for this issue? Package versions:

  • angular/core: 15.2.0
  • capacitor/android: 4.7.0
  • capacitor/angular:2.0.3
  • capacitor/core: latest
  • capacitor/ios: 4.7.0

Issue solved updated and solved at:

However the html message is still interesting for me, it was a bit misleading.