Canvas Element in Ionic


I’m trying to make a drawing application using the canvas element, however would it possible to do so, before I get into it? I’m new to hybrid development so I’m not exactly sure if it would work outside a modern web browser? Or could I build something similar using a different method?


Yeah you can use canvas elements. Most of the time, these device browsers are just as advanced as desktop browsers.


hi bobsmith,
have you give it a try? would be great if you could share here.
what library do you use?



Well what I needed to do was to get a simple drawing component for my app. It does work. I didn’t use any library just pure JavaScript.

Could you give me more details? Are you just looking for the drawing part?


not exactly drawing.
but as simple as “adding text”, resize and move it, using touch.

i’m considering kinectjs and fabricjs.


@arjunatantri I’m developing an ionic app with Fabric.js and I’m facing a real poor FPS performance on Android devices. Did you face something similar?


adding crosswalk should increase performance ,

what devices are you testing on?


Im using canvas for a image drag / pinch to zoom view (facebookish) . No need for any 3rd party plugins. (But i am using iScroll.js to make life a little bit easier with the smooth zooming ;))

definitely consider using crosswalk when you work with canvas or performance will be terrible on older android versions. actually its still better on newer android levels.


@bobsmith @aeres well, I must confess that I didn’t know the existence of the Crosswalk. I’m excited to see if it will improve the app performance! I’ll let you know the results, thank you so much guys :smiley:


Here is a starter for those interested in implementing a drawing feature with their ionic app.