Cant enter values into the email and password fields?

Hi, when I serve my application I am unable to type anything into the email and password fields? Could anyone help me? Here is the HTML,

Ionic Framework logo

 <p>Please log in.</p>

       <ion-item margin-bottom>
          <ion-label>Your E-mail Address</ion-label>
          <ion-input type="email" formControlName="email"></ion-input>

       <ion-item margin-bottom>
          <ion-label>Your Password</ion-label>
          block [disabled]="!form.valid">Log In</button>

Working fine for me :
Make sure that you are clicking/typing after Your E-mail Address or Your Password.

Still not able to type on either field. I can press the login button but unable to enter email and password

have you checked my stackblitz example for the same? did that work for you?