Can't bind to 'ngForOf' since it isn't a known property of 'ion-col'

Hey there ! I am getting this error for a long time and I am tired of trying to find where isn’t the CommonModule or BrowserModule imported, as I saw in Stackoverflow and reddit to import the correct modules or even if I misspelled the *ngFor.

So basically my app is based in sidemenu navigation with different pages (Home, Shops, Settings and Info) and when I try to go to the Shops page, it loads but gives me the error in this post title!

I will put some screenshots of the routing modules and modules to see what is making this to error.
This is the menu-routing-module.ts

This is the shops-routing-module.ts
This is the app-routing-module.ts

I hope this screenshots could help you understanding more what is happening!
Thanks a lot in advance!

Few things frustrate me more than people posting screenshots of textual information. It’s unsearchable, unindexable, utterly unusable for people using assistive technology like screen readers. The links tend to rot. They waste bandwidth needlessly. Some people browse with image loading blocked for various reasons.

So I for one can only go on what you say in your text.

You are not obligated to use Angular lazy loading. I don’t. You can put everything in a single AppModule and never worry about any of this class of irritation again.