Can't access learn Ionic - redirects to the Ionic home page?


For some reason, the learn pages redirect me to the Ionic home page. I can’t see any of the formulas! Anyone else experiencing this? Tried Chrome, both desktop and mobile, FF, even IE. It started a couple of days ago.


Ionic Learn has long since been out of date and not updated by anyone on the Ionic team. We decided it was time to take down the site. But we’ve kept the Github repo with all the contents up on github, so you can read through the content there if you want.

Again, much of whats up there no longer reflects the current ionic framework.


In that case, should the “Learn” link at the bottom of footer be removed?


It’s been removed, we just need to re-deploy our site.


Thanks! A shame, it seems like it was a nice collection of simple samples, all in one place. I know it 's hard to keep up at the speed you guys are going… Cheers!