Cannot use OpenLayers 3 with Ionic 2 RC3

Hello I was redirected to this forum to post my issue, here’s the content, Thank you for your time!

Short description of the problem:

Cannot use OpenLayers 3 with Ionic 2 RC1.

What behavior are you expecting?

Being to able to include OL into Angular Service.

Steps to reproduce:
Here’s how I include OL to my project:

  1. “openlayers”: “^3.19.1”,
  2. @types/openlayers”: “^3.18.39”
  3. declare module ‘openlayers’;

And use it like this in my Angular service:

import ol from 'openlayers';

Which @ionic/app-scripts version are you using?

And here is what I get when I run “ionic serve”:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

Although it works when I replace the minified version of Ol “ol.js” with non-minified “ol-debug.js” in “node_modules”. I just switch the names. So the reason seems to be the build process where OL can’t access DOM objects.

UPDATE: I updated my project to RC3 but still the same error…Anyone here who uses OL3 with Ionic?