Cannot resolve paramater for Auth?


i have got this error …Someone help me to find this error…My code is

import {Auth,User} from '@ionic/cloud-angular';
import { Component } from '@angular/core';

and i have add Auth and user to the components

selector: 'page-home',  
templateUrl: 'home.html',

and i added the parameters to the constructors and my code is

   const full_name =;           
   const profile_picture =;       
   const email =;                
         //pushing to the next page      
             username: full_name,   
             userimage : profile_picture,    
            email : email,   
          alert("Error Occured..!");

what i am done wrong.Anyhelp thanks


Did you


i solved @Sujan12 thanks for your reply… :slight_smile:


Might you share how? Future readers might have similar problems and profit from a solution.


I have cleared this error by following this error…This error is due to continous call to the Auth Providers.