Cannot navigate to page apple to create a ios app certificate

you say that in link
I click link

ok , my intend is to see this pageimage

after login to my apple account I could not navigate to page

but every requet to apple page redirects to same page

what shoud I do??? I am stuck generating ios publish of my ionic project from windows!

Hello, like stated in Ionic docs, you must have an apple developer license for that to work (and pay for it).

But alternatively, you can use Ionic View and push any app to you and friends on the go. Just use Ionic View, a great app :slight_smile:

To push to Ionic View, use in CLI

ionic upload

Then as your account owner with Ionic Services, you could send invites and ask friends, family to test your app, they only need to install the Ionic View App on their smartphone.

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“Join the Apple Developer Program” as it says on the bottom of the page.

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Wow! thanks Franco, thanks Sujan! Franco, that is awesome! I will try it!

Dear Franco thanks for the reply, which I checked as solution. Thanks to Sujan , which is another solution. I tried to check it as “solution” but I could not since only one check is allowed. Thanks again!

@turkalp_kucur Well thanks Ionic nice developers, not me :slight_smile: As for being very precise, Ionic View is NOT 100% accurate of an app in real time, and doesn’t prevent you to really test it in real time with a USB plug or so. It’s just a shortcut, with a list of functional ionic native plugins.

Have fun with ionic :slight_smile: