Problem Logging in to Ionic io init (CLI and IONIC LAB)

I have been trying to Upload my App to Ionic io With $ionic io init and i am Prompt to Login But i keep getting this error

C:\DivineWord>ionic io init
No previous login existed. Attempting to log in now.

To continue, please login to your Ionic account.
Don’t have one? Create a one at:

Error logging in
Error Email or Password incorrect. Please visit for help.

I also tried to use IONIC LAB to upload i am still getting this Error

Error Email or Password incorrect. Please visit for help


But i am able to Login in Directly from the Browser if i to to

Can Someone please try from their end to see if its a General problem

Or if anyone has a solution to solve this.

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Same problem here ,please help to resolve

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This is So annoying i am still not able to login to ionic io through the CLI or LAB
Its so annoying and i am wondering if the Ionic team have not seen this to check it out.

I have updated my ionic and still no chance I am so feed up right now and i am stock and cant use ionic platform services because of this issue

you solved ?, I feel the same to me

Has anyone solved this issue? so many people having the same issue with no result

Did anyone solve? Have the same problem

Has anybody solved this issue…please help!!!

Jesus Christ, it’s been almost a year,. nobody registers ionic apps?¿ Stuck with this error as well …