Cannot load gulp: Error: Error in module: .\gulpfile.js

Hello, I’m new to Ionic and I’m trying to modify a current project downloaded from here:
I have made some modification on project and it works on on command

ionic serve -l

When i try to buld the app with command:

ionic cordova run android --prod --release

I get the following error:

My ionic info are :

Do you have any idea for the problem I’m facing?
Thank You!

I have teh same problem. Did you find a solution for that?

Try this:

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Can you be a bit more specific? What solved your problem?

Hello, to be honest I don’t remember what exactly solved my situation but I remember that one of my tries was taking the gulpfile online and adding manually to the project. I also rechecked my plugins, platform etc because i had taken the app template in a website and downloaded but this situation it gives different errors, compatibility, plugins etc so what i did was creating a new project added the source code to the new project, installed the plugins, platforms etc and it all worked.

Hope this helps you in a way or other.

Thanks for your response.

I have a ionci v1 project and after an update of … I don’t know what anymore I’m not able to get it to build anymore. I’ve tried whatever came up to my mind and whatever I’ve found in the web.
Now I’m at my wit’s end.

My next try is probably to move the project to ionic 4 but that will take me months.
So probably I also have to evaluate alternative cross platform development tools…

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The same happened to me. I have Ionic v1 project too. I suggest to try what I did. Also can you post your system versions cause maybe can it be some problems on that

This solved my problem.

For me, doing this

npm rebuild node-sass --force

solve the problem.

I found it here: