Cannot change the api_key


I want to implement push notifications on my ionic app, but i can t change the apy_key, to be the same with the one provided by Google.
i m using the following command
ionic push --google-api-key your-google-api-key

Btw… after i run this, i get “Google API Key Saved” with a green color.

Thank you!

Do you mean the api_key variable in the $ionicAppProvider.identify(...) function? This isn’t the API key provided by Google – it’s the public API key from The API key from Google has to be registered with $ ionic push --google-api-key your-google-api-key (as you did).

ahh thank you … so you are saying i don t need to have exact api_key for all three (, my app and google)?
if that is the case, thank you!