Can I use this react native plugin in ionic 4

No. Ionic can use React Native plugin. You will need to find a Cordova plugin to do this.

React Native is an entirely different eco-system from Ionic’s.

You mean “cant” ?

From what I’ve heard IONIC 4 can use React and Vue stuff nowadays, or is it because we’re dealing with the native? I thought I could use it also because from the code i’ve seen from it, it is also typescript like ionic

Do you know of anything that could achieve the same thing in ionic?

Correct. My apologies.

From Ionic’s blog post:

We even see opportunities in using React Native and Ionic together. Stayed tuned for more info on that coming soon.

I assume you have reviewed the Ionic Native collection and the wider Cordova list?

Yeah I tried to use it, I explained it here IONIC 4 how to use react native plugin in ionic native but I couldn’t finish the MainActivity configuration so it never worked for me, I’m thinking of getting in contact with the OP of the plugin over twitter or something but I wish I just got it working right away :man_shrugging: