Ionic with Angular JS

Is it possible to use a recent version of Ionic cli along with AngularJS rather than Angular?

I have tried --type=ionic1 with the Ionic cli, and I have tried creating Apache Cordova apps and adding Ionic and AngularJS to it, but I don’t seem to get there very easily. Ionic shouldn’t care too much about what framework I use, and so it should be able to just work with AngularJS as well as Angular, React, Vue and so on, is that right?

How should I create this project? Do I still need to use --type=ionic1, and add angular with npm? And copy those files into www/js for building, using ionic capacitor add android/ionic cordova platform add android?

Also does it work with AngularJS routing or does it use a separate plugin installed with npm? Like ui-router?


This might work out:

Convert Angular project into an Android app

It’s specifically tested for Angular apps, but might work out for AngularJS. Might be useful so will post back here if it works!

Nope. :slightly_frowning_face:

This is good: ion-nav-view with example code. From there I start adding pages, editing the HTML and JS, choosing new icons, and testing out the components and logic.

Can’t believe it took me a week to find this…

So what I did was ionic create app-name blank --type=ionic1 --cordova then put in the code from app.js and from inside the body tag in the example, pasted it into index.html. Then edit and cordova platform add android and so on as usual.

This seems to work so far…