Can I access a cached image?


I am displaying an image inside a ion-scroll directive.I also have a share button in my header.The button uses the $cordovaSocialSharing wrapper for the SocialSharing-PhoneGap-Plugin that accepts a file location or url of the image to attach.The images are all online so I give a url as the parameter.This all works but doesn’t seem efficient.There is a short delay depending on you connection speed because it is downloading the image from the cloud.My question is since you are attaching the image you are viewing isn’t that image cached somewhere on the device. And if so can I attach that one instead of re-downloading it?If so where would I find it. I am developing for ipad.


This interests me too. It seems apps like instagram do this and only download new images you haven’t seen before.


you can use imgCache.js. pls google it.