Can anyone share 10.3.3 (14G60) device support file for xcode?

Can anyone share 10.3.3 (14G60) device support file for xcode? I can’t upgrade my xcode because I am running an old version of mac os x still.
The folder is located on /Applications/
Your help would be much appreciated !

@reedrichards Hi reedrichards, may I ask you for some help? Do you have the latest xcode installed?

Xcode 9.4 and MacOS 10.13.5 but not sure it is a good idea to just share a file, I would rather suggest to upgrade to make things clean

It’s for testing app on iPhone. I’ve done it to other releases. The folder doesn’t contain any files specific related to your device or your software. It’s just part of the xcode lib. I can’t upgrade because it requires me update my Mac OS X first and that screw over my system twice. Got bootloops. I haven’t got time to do a clean update of the os yet.

I understand the problem but on the other side, don’t take it the wrong way, I don’t know exactly what’s in that folder and stuffs you know…

So if you want one particular file (not a all folder recursive) I could have a look

Thanks reedrichards.

Normally if you have it, it should be here:


Not sure if every installation has that folder. Can you please check if you have it or not?


I am not sure if its appropriate to peer share these files. That being said, if you google, there is actually a GitHub repository with around 300 stars that seems to have the files you need. Just google.

@lolaswift actually, just checked, I don’t have locally 10.3.3

@pliablepixels cool idea, have you maybe the link of the repo right under your hand?

hi reedrichards. thanks anyway. Looks like it’s time to upgrade :slight_smile:

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No. Not able to find the version I need. Thanks for the help.