Camera with custom view


Hello guys,

I am new to mobile development. I would like to use apache cordova. I want to take picture with a custom camera view (not the whole screen) then select the picture from gallery and send it to a method in the backend. I wonder if there is a way to implement this?

Thanks in advance.

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What is a custom camera view to you?

Technically you would need something like this plugin:

Or search: cordova camera overlay


Hi Gajotres,

Can I save the picture to phone gallery with this?

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I am trying to use but it says “Remote build error from the build server Build failed with error Plugin doesn’t support this project’s cordova-ios version. cordova-ios: 3.8.0, failed version requirement: >=4.0.0-dev

How can I fix this Gajotres? Would you please guide me?

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EdiT 1: When I added this “<vs:plugin name=“cordova-plugin-whitelist” version=“1.0.0” />” problem resolved.
EdiT 2: I followed your tutorial “” and changed it for IOS but camera don’t work. How can I fix it?


I am getting this error:

Can’t find variable: Camera takeImage in ionic.bundle.js.


Is it due to IOS 9?


Now camera is working but I don’t know how to take picture inside of a pre defined frame.(When you take a picture in iphone, it uses the whole screen which is I dont want.)


I need screen crop while taking picture.


Ever figure out how to do this? I need the same functionality


Hello Gajotres. I am having issues calling camera preview over the native. Is this still possible