Camera-screen editable?

Hey guys, i hope it is the right category? :smile:

I want to edit and customize the Camera Screen,

I want to add special back buttons,
and other things, can i do this?
Or can you just code this native?

Please help me guys.



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@Blackscreen Hey… were you able to find a solution for this ??

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Hey @mohit6210 no sorry, still don’t know how I can solve this problem

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@Blackscreen Have you found the solution for this.? Can you post the solution in case ou know the right one.

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hey, are you support me??? help me :((

Hey Ionicers,

I’m sorry to say that but i found no Solution :frowning:

A Solution, in my opinion, would be to create a cordova-plugin where the user can easy set up some components. But i am not able to do this

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oh :(. What do you use way to solve this problem ? I really need help to handle it :((

@Blackscreen Thanks for getting back to us. :slight_smile: I need a camera with rectangular or circular overlay on the camera. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I also have a SO link I havent tried it yet.

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still looking for a solution that is compatible with crosswalk and can capture images as well as video