Custom overlay on camera

I want to create a custom overlay when camera opens. i want to indicate the capture region, so that the user can keep the target with in that region. Is there any way to do that in ionic?

Hi @sumitk91

As far as I know, Ionic now has two types of camera plugins: Camera and Camera Preview

If you want to custom overlay of the camera, I think the Camera Preview can help you. You can check the docs of this plugin for more info.

@nphoanh camera preview plugin is still in beta phase. Can media capture plugin help to achieve the solution?

I haven’t use this Media Capture plugin so I also don’t know if it can solve your solution.

But follow the docs of this plugin I think it can’t help you. Because if you use captureImage(options) it only start camera and return information about captured image files. There is no data telling you can customize your camera’s layout.

I haven’t tried but I saw this post has tutorial about Camera Preview, You can read it for reference.

Hope my advice useful for you.