Camara and filters on device

Hello community, I have a concern, I need to take the camera device and that so far I work very well with cordova plug the camera. Now, what I need is to apply some kind of “filter” what projects the image, instagram style where one can change colors etc etc. Someone has developed something like to guide me? Some way? it is possible or not?

Greetings and thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

You can try this, I haven’t tested filters on any devices but the compatibility chart at this link seems to suggest decent support.

As query, you’ve worked with the camera? I am having a problem in that the image is never stored in my library. Right now I am dealing iOS.

I have worked with the cordova plugin utilizing the device camera, I have experience with Android devices more so than iOS. However, from the tutorials I’ve seen and the example if you get the image back you can just render it and then apply the filters from the link. Assuming filter is supported on the devices webview.

What do you mean, stored in your library? Are you talking about the image library on the device (photo albums)? If so, there’s a param in the options object you pass to the camera method that decides whether to save the image on the device or not.

That would parameter that? I’ve been changing the options as stated in some tutorials but I can not keep within the device library.

I explain evil, not a filter as Instagram, is about putting a picture on it that I just pull out and save it to your device. MERGE type

Try using the ‘saveToPhotoAlbum’ param in the options. Of course set the value = true and it should save it to the device. If it doesn’t then you might want to check the plugin repo on github and see if there’s an open issue about a potential bug on iOS.

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