Calling ionic from cordova plugin

I have a custom plugin created in cordova and it has a function, this can be invoke able from ionic now i want it vice versa

means i want to make a function call from my custom plugin and this function should be ionic

Please give the steps to do it

What should this Ionic “function” do when it is called from native code? What triggers the native code to run?

i have a calculator ui in ionic and the add/subtract will do by the native based on the value given from ionic UI and give the result back to ionic UI

Then you don’t have to call Ionic code. Your Ionic code is calling the native code and can just get a result back from the native code that then can be displayed.

i want to show the result in the textbox which is in ionic

Yes, and? Call the plugin, use the result to display it in the textbox.

i dont know how to do i need the steps for that

You can look at any plugin that returns some value. This is one of the most popular ones: