Caching assets with capacitor


I have an app made with vue3, vite and capacitor.
Im having poor performance with my assets loading when I navigate pages.
(This may be a vue question, not sure).
Once I have gone through the navigation once, on repeated times, everything feels smooth.
This makes me believe that the issue has something to do with the images being cached.
Is there a way to preload all my assets on app startup?


Are your assets stored on the device or are you pointing to another server by modifying server.url in the capacitor.config.ts file? If they’re stored on device it’s basically the same thing as caching them

Thank you for the reply!
They are on the device itself.
Im not sure if there is any way to improve this then?
It seems to be an issue more on android than ios.

it totally depends on you how you managed the ionic app but I prefer to read this article this may help you Guest Post: Ionic Angular Performance Tuning - Ionic Blog

I know this article uses angular not vue but you can implement the method on your own.

Thank you!
I will check it out