Looking for a way of caching images with capacitor

I am currently using Ionic 4, and I’m looking for a way to cache images from a server on electron and Android + iOS. I currently have tried a bunch of options, the most promising was this one from triniwiz but it seems to be unmaintained and could not configure it for Ionic since the files for config do not exist. I as well found other cordova solutions that unfortunately do not apply to my case because I’m using capacitor.

Then I figured to make my own caching system, I wanted to save them as a base 64 string using the StoragePluginWeb from the ‘@capacitor/core’ package. But at the end I figured it only serves as a key-value database and I would like to fill it with nested objects (like in a map), which is not possible.

What could be a correct Ionic + Capacitor way to achieve this? I’m open to remake the whole thing (the image fetching system) if necessary.