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Hello, I’m a beginner in the area and playing with a small project that I’m picking up straight to find a tutorial so I can do something that should be simple, but it’s already taken me 3 nights of sleep and I can not do it.

I want to put some .mp3 audios in the app and the same one when pressing a play button in this audio would be small sound effects and each button would play an mp3 file, but I’m not finding anything that works for days …

Quick search result:

Html5 example:

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Only one of these (stackoverflow.com ionic 2 how to play sound effects) that I have not tried, that suffered, I’ll test and I’ll say if I succeeded, I’m too bad for programming, but I get there …

I was able to use this tip: https://pointdeveloper.com/playing-audio-feedback-in-ionic-apps-using-native-audio-plugin/

this is why it is not good to just point to a ref link, now the site is down and we can’t see the solution.

do you have a clue of what you did?