Button on same line as input doesn't work, but same button below input works

I’m trying to make a simple filter input with a clear button. When I place the button next to the input, it doesn’t work as I would expect. I placed the same button below the input, and it works as expected.

Steps to reproduce…

  • Type something into the search field
  • Press the “x” on the far right, nothing happends :frowning:
  • Press the “x” below the input, the search text goes away
    [1]: http://codepen.io/MrOnosa/pen/dBtqD

By default, ionic uses label tags to set the focus to inputs. So they will capture touch events and try to reset focus.

Switch the label to either a span or div, and it will work

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Thank you, that worked. I had a feeling it was something simple like that.