Button click to call input file=“type” not working in Test Flight and app store

I have updated IOS sdk 11 to IOS sdk 12 as well as macOS 10.13.6. in previous SDK input file="type" working fine. but after update when I run the ionic app local simulator it will work but when I deployed to Test Flight or App store it wont work.

local simulator: I am able to see the input file="type" working fine.


Once same build is deployed to Test Flight as well as to app store then same code not going to work.I am not able to see the action sheet above. below is my code


<button ng-click="appChatCtrl.SelectFileUpload()" ></button>

JS Code

self.SelectFileUpload = function () {
//this click on working to call input file

Also HTML code for

<input type="file"  id="selectedFile" onchange="angular.element(this).scope().attachFile(this.files, 'FileUpload.html')" onfocusout="angular.element(this).scope().onfocus()"/>

this is my code also in XCode project plist file I added Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description