I can´t trigger a input type file in Device

Hi. I have maybe one week with this problem.

When I use a input[type=“file”] field in my form, in Ionic Lab it works fine. In Android emulator, it works fine. But, when I run the app in my phone, and I click/tap in the field, nothing happens. The button is pressed, but the filepicker dialog doesn´t show.

My input looks like it:

<input class="" id="image" type="file" name="image" ng-model="data.image" file="file"onchange="angular.element(this).scope().fileNameChanged(this.files)" style="display:none;" />

I tried something different, adding a button that trigger the click event in JS:

<button type="button" class="button icon ion-filing" ng-click="openFileDialog()">Select</button>

The method openFileDialog() does only this:

   $scope.openFileDialog = function() {
      alert('Test Open File DIalog');
      ionic.trigger('click', { target: document.getElementById('image')});

The alert is shows when I click the button, but the event is not triggered. Again, it workd fin in Ionic Lab and the Emulator, but not in my device. I tried and test this project too:

But the result was the same.

It is so frustrating. I can´t make it works.

I tried making a simple blank project, with only:

          <input type="file" />

And nothing else. And again, in Ionic Lab and Emulator, opens the file choose dialog without problem, but when I run in my phone with:

ionic run android --device

Nothing happen. I don´t know if is my phone or some restriction. :confused:

After some investigation, I found this issue, without solution:


My Android version is 4.4.2 :confused: But then, does this will never work in that Android version? Does someone knows If at least it has already been fixed in later versions? My Emulator has Android 6, and it works in that, as far as I could test.