Button-bar shows only 2 of 4 buttons, only in IE :-/

No matter how wide the browser is, only two of my four buttons are showing in IE. Has anyone seen this and know how to fix it?

Here is the button bar:

<div class="bar bar-footer">
	<div id="footer-bar" class="button-bar">
		<button class="button" ng-class="{active: $index == client.currentTab}" ng-click="client.currentTab=$index"
				ng-repeat="tabName in client.tabNames">
			{{ tabName | translate }}

And tabNames is simply this:

client.tabNames = ["Owner & Risk Info", "Claim Info", "Policy Info", "Coverages"];

Here it is in IE:

And in Chrome (and Safari and Android and…):

By the way, 2 of us are porting our mobile website for processing property insurance claims from jQMobile to ionic. For phase 2, we will package it up as apps. :grinning:


Still happens with ionic 1.2.4.