Buton start, end... middle?


Is there a keyword to place a button in the middle just like there is start and end?


Could you be more precise? In the middle of what exactly? Horizontally, vertically?


see if this example works for you in the docs :

the social button is centered you can try it’s code !
here is the demo source code :


buttons in the middle of navbar for example


The question really depends on the specific case. If you want to achieve such a thing inside a toolbar, I would toss the end/start left/right since they are specific to ion-buttons for instance.

You could create three columns inside a toolbar like this:

		<ion-col col-4></ion-col>
		<ion-col col-4><button ion-button outline block >My button</button></ion-col>
		<ion-col col-4></ion-col>

Or you could use the helpers found over here:

Or in the specific case of using buttons you could use start/end left/right.