Ion-buttons end & top


I have a navbar that has multi - line content and a button on the end.
The problem is that the button is aligned in the middle (vertically) and I need it to be on top.
Is there any way to achieve this without absolute positioning?

Hmm, not sure I follow, could you share a screenshot of what you mean?


Hello again. The “Select all” button is aligned at the center (vertically), but I would like it to be on top
This is the code for the navbar:

<ion-header> <ion-navbar class="improvements-page"> <h2>{{title}}</h2> <ion-buttons end> <button primary (click)="selectAll()"> Select all <ion-icon [class.icon-circle-empty-small]="!isEverythingSelected" [class.icon-accept-circular-small]="isEverythingSelected" [class.extra-light]="!isEverythingSelected" [class.primary]="isEverythingSelected"> </ion-icon> </button> </ion-buttons> <p class="light">Tap once to approve, twice to reject</p> </ion-navbar> </ion-header>

Hm, so there wouldn’t be a way to do that without effecting the title of the nav title and the rest of the navbar content