Built .msi or .exe package from ionic app

​I want to build .msi or .exe package from my ionic app but, by default Visual Basic creates an .appx package
Is there some way to change this setting or maybe convert the package later?

I guess you want to build an Android app for Desktop then? Have you checked out Electron for this?

Hi Simon

I just checked Electron, But does it support ionic apps?

As far as I can see it only shows support for html css node apps

Just wait for next version of Capacitor

I kind of have a deadline for this task

Can any other tool help in this? Like advanced installer or installshield?

Or is there a way to build .msi directly from visual studio?

Yes, there are a few tutorials around that show how to add electron to your Ionic apps and yes, it works! I’ve also created a dedicated course on this topic inside the Ionic Academy so I’m sure there is a way :slight_smile:

Another member wrote a 2 part series on this topic as well!

Some sample code: https://github.com/Robinyo/big-top