Ionic v4 Electron build

Hey guys,

Did anyone already an sucessfull electron build with ionic v4?
I saw in the official beta docs that this is natively supported.
Link to Docs
Also I saw what requirements I have for the specific OS but I can’t find anywhere an guide what I have to do.
Can anyone say me what I have to do?

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Can you provide a link for that?

Sry yes. I added it to my post.

I have no idea - but I really hope it will be a command line such as

Ionic build electron

but for now there is nothing stopping you using electron there are plenty of guides out there.

So @JAR19, you mean there is no specific way from Ionic to build an electron app with a CLI command?
So far I read I have to change some lines in package,json etc. to do an normal electron build process.
And I didn’t see in any electron build guide that they are using the Windows 10 SDK or am I wrong? Because the Ionic Doc says that I will need this.

The docs tell you to install “electron-windows-store”. That docs:

I haven’t tried it, but Capacitor has preliminary support for Electron:

It was the first thing I looked at when the beta documentation came out - as it was widely talked about as a feature of version 4. All I could find was a link for electron.

Electron is very easy to do - if you want I could send you my Electron setup (just send me a message) - all you have to do is replace the www folder.

@JAR19 I’d like to know how to setup electron to get it working. Could you please help me?

Just follow the following: (that is all I did)

@JAR19 could I see your Electron setup, please?

Send me a message and I send you a link .