Building wepapp, need help

Hi, I don’t know if I’m posting at the right place but I’ll try. (Sorry for my poor English, I’m French)

I started a project with ionic/cordova.

I did a mobile responsive website, with Wordpress. I wan’t to lock it up in a app and send it to the Google Play and iTunes.

So I use the iFrame code and it works fine. But I’m having 2 problems that I hope advanced users can help me to solve.

As the app loads the wordpress mobile site I have to modify the code in there. I have installed angular plugins

  1. Opening Facebook, twitter, and Instagram link in the phone default browser. I can’t find the code…
  2. Launching the call fonction even with the ng-href=’’ doesn’t work.

So please what code should I use in my wordpress to launch both ?

Thanks everyone for reading