Building on apk show success message. But apk not create . Why?

As part of my job I need to create apk of already existing code which send by previous employee. I installed all dependencies and plugins . But when I try to build the apk using command in my Ubuntu 16.04 Laptop

ionic cordova build android

I got output AS

46 actionable tasks: 44 executed, 2 up-to-date
Built the following apk(s): 
	/home/user/Downloads/BN Code/mgov-build/platforms/android/app/build/outputs/apk/debug/app-debug.apk

But no apk generated . Please advise what it’s problem

Waiting a reply Soon



Have you navigated to the path displayed??
/home/user/Downloads/BN Code/mgov-build/platforms/android/app/build/outputs/apk/debug/app-debug.apk

mgov-build is your app name right…
Try to follow the path you’ll get the apk.

yes i look there … no folder structure created like that . So I try with creating outputs/apk/debug but no debug file created.

mgov-build is my app root folder…

can you show the screenshot of your root directory.


it seems like you have the platforms folder inside it do you have android folder??

yes … I added android platform and it’s there…

so it seems the structure is there…

then go inside and navigate to the app folder>build>outputs and so on…

As I have attached the screen shot, you should find your apk.

no dear it’s build naturally , but not occur in my CASE…

Yes you are correct the folder appears automatically.
If not in your case then try deleting the platform and re-adding it.

ok… I will try it and inform You

make sure to back up your code.

You already have dealt with this problem right??

Hi dear,

As you suggest I removed the platform and re-add make the solution. In my case the problem is I install Platform first and then Plugins . But for working it must be in opposte i.e
Must install plugin first and then platform

The problem : Build done but could not see apk .why? is another one , no relation with it…

Thanks alot @uddyvky

You’re welcome. :sunglasses:

download some apk files from apknite and look inside them