Builded APK not connecting to internet when installed on emulator or device

Hello there,

For some reason after i try to do the building of the android apk, even when in debug mode, the application just doesn’t connect to the internet when installed, it works like a charm if i run it from ionic serve tho.

The way i’m trying to build the apk are these:

  1. ionic build.
  2. (Capacitor is already installed)
  3. npx cap add android (i delete android folder and re add it)
  4. add the line ‘android:usesCleartextTraffic=“true”’ to the androidmanifest.xml inside the open “<>” of application.

try to run in android studio.

What i already try:

  • Install a “whitelist plugin” for cordova than they said it can help, it wont, or maybie i haven’t use it correctly but most people said it was a thing of installing and that’s it.

  • Insert the source in a project than actually used to work after compiled.

  • Between other things…

Any question would be gladly answered here too

Looking forward for your questions, suggestions or answers.