Build only the web project and just update the www folder in the native projects


Hi guys,

ionic cordova build ios builds the ionic/angular solution and rebuilds the native ios project. But there doesn’t seem to be a command that only builds the ionic solution and just updates the www folder in the native project.

Or have I just missed it? The closest seems to be ionic cordova prepare but even that messes with the native project.

Any idea? 99% of the time, I’m just making changes to web code that don’t require any changes to the native project whatsoever. So seems to me this should be possible somehow.



Just to clarify a bit, are you just wanting to update the www folder for the use in apps or for the use in a PWA/website?

If the former, you have to build the whole project for the files to be updated, as it copies everything under www under the respective platform.

If the latter, I think there’s a ionic build command, as opposed to ionic cordova build.


For use in native apps. Seems way unnecessary to rebuild the entire xcode/android project when it would be possible just to update the www folder in it. Not to mention a lot slower.


If you’re making lots of changes it’d be faster to use live reload.