Build folder in source control/git?


Hi - we are prototyping Ionic 2 and wondering

  1. Where do we add images folder, we thought maybe within “resources”, but didn’t feel like we should add directly within www/build/img. Ultimately we would want this and minified JS and CSS pushed up to our CDN in deploy process so want to put in the right place.

  2. Should the www/build folder be checked into source control (ie git) at all? Usually a build folder we would NOT put in, but wondering. This is related to how we solve #1 of course. I believe Ionic using gulp under the covers, perhap someone can point us to how to extend an Ionic 2 starter project with full gulp tasks for images, deploy, cdn or other common tasks. This would be really helpful, thanks!


Taking the Conference App as a guideline

  1. Images go in /www/img
  2. /www/build should NOT be pushed into source control


Thank you sir. This looks like a good reference app.
The starter shell ionic start creates actually doesn’t have any folders under /www besides build, and it seems it takes the css, js from all the app/pages folders into this. Perhaps start should add /www/img and others if its a very common thing I suspect.

Just confirming also the tutorials I’ve seen have the @Page templateUrls reference the build directory, is that expected…
templateUrl: ‘build/pages/item-details/item-details.html’