Build error on appflow but works in local

Error on dashboard web build,

`[05:29:17]: ▸ [05:29:17] copy finished in 4.53 s [05:29:24]: ▸ [05:29:24] ionic-app-script task: “build”
[05:29:24]: ▸ [05:29:24] Error: ./node_modules/ng2-canvas-whiteboard/dist/canvas-whiteboard.component.js Module not found: Error:
[05:29:24]: ▸ Can’t resolve ‘lodash.cloneDeep’ in ‘/builds/maple-ai/maple-app/node_modules/ng2-canvas-whiteboard/dist’

try removing the node modules , then clear the cache and again install the node modules in project path. try “npm install” after removing and clearing the cache in your project path.