Appflow webbuild - loadChildren() module not found


I have a problem with my first appFlow app.
Local build are ok, but webbuild failed :

Here is my ionic info

And below web builder info

Cordova CLI 9.0.3
Ionic CLI 6.2.2
Node.js 12.18.4
npm 6.14.6
Debian 9.12
Gradle 4.3.1
OpenJDK 1.8.0_265

any idea ?

Based on the error you attached, I think this is an Angular issue, not Appflow.

It’s saying that the paths to your modules are incorrect. Take another look at those.

Run ionic build and a prod build ionic build --prod to catch issues like these before pushing/committing to Appflow

ionic build --prod revealed some issues, that i fixed, but not the same that appflow.
I tried web build with the same error again.
Maybe a environment difference ?

To build the web version of your app, all Appflow does is run whatever is in the build command in package.json.

The app builds and runs (ionic serve) locally?

All build commands worked (ionic serve, ionic build, ng build…) locally
Trying to update my current node version to the same as web builder server…

Not better with node 12.18.4
and ionic cli 6.2.2

What’s wrong with that conf ??