Build APK for my app

Hello there, I am trying to generate an APK for my app but it’s taking long. I am using ionic 3.6.0 and I have used the commands ionic build android, and ionic cordova build android, all not doing what I want. Please help.
Previously, it was saying “BUILD SUCCESSFUL” but couldn’t find the APK!
Please help. Thanks.

What does that mean?

What is your ionic info output?

A friend of mine said it took him less than 10 minutes to build the APK. He’s using ionic 2. I am using ionic 3.6.0, I have the environment configured, but it has taken around 3hrs now. It’s downloading something called gradle. After that it outputs “BUILD SUCCESSFUL”, but goes on to say it can’t unzip gradle. So I end up not getting the APK.

Then your environment is not fully setup yet. Run cordova requirements and report the output.
Please also post your ionic info output.

When I run cordova requirements, this is what I get.

And here’s the ionic info output:

Both looks ok.

Post the (whole) output of the build command please.
(Don’t post a screenshot, copy paste the text content please)

@Kalnormzac Try this may be there is something wrong with the gradle as you said.

@Kalnormzac can mark this as solution if its solved! :wink:

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@anoldparge thank you. I am still trying to download gradle manually, the do as you said. I will provide feedback afterwards.