Bug with slider on Ionic.beta.9


I update Ionic to beta.9 and got error in console:

TypeError: undefined is not a function
    at e (http://enduser_mobile/component/ionic/release/js/ionic.min.js:17:7134)
    at load (http://enduser_mobile/component/ionic/release/js/ionic.min.js:17:12386)
    at http://enduser_mobile/component/ionic/release/js/ionic-angular.min.js:16:30983
    at http://enduser_mobile/component/angular/angular.min.js:122:185
    at e (http://enduser_mobile/component/angular/angular.min.js:37:497)
    at http://enduser_mobile/component/angular/angular.min.js:41:216 

Slider is not working. I found that it’s related to this featured https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/commit/86ce480696597882552665cbb1204d7e2af4fd6c

This is html code of my slider:

      <ion-slide ng-repeat="slide in slider" ng-show="sliderLoaded">
        <a class="box" ng-click="playFeatureVideo(slide.video_slug)">
          <img style="position:relative;" class="box" ng-src="{{ slide.masthead_image_mobile }}" img-on-load caching-images>
          <div class="slider_caption">
            <p>{{ slide.heading }}</p>
            <h2>{{ slide.title }}</h2>
            <p ng-bind-html="slide.description" ng-if="!slide.short_description"></p>
            <p ng-bind-html="slide.short_description" ng-if="slide.short_description"></p>

Hope you will fix or help me.


@SOTKA what device and platform are you on?


@SOTKA this was fixed in master. Want to try that version?


@max Ok. I just want use latest version and use Bower for updating Ionic. I don’t need beta.9 right now.
So this fix appear only on beta.10?