Bug using ng-class for activating containers between 0.10.0 and 0.9.27

hey to all,

i found a bug in the release 0.9.27 which didn’t happen in the 0.10.0. when i want to set a active class using ng-click and ng-class it will disappear in the 0.9.27 version and it works in 0.10.0.

here is the example what i mean.

<div class="button-bar">
	  <a class="button" ng-class="{'active': activeTab === 'sector'}" ng-click="switchTabTo('sector')">Alle Sektoren</a>
	  <a class="button" ng-class="{'active': activeTab === 'boulder'}" ng-click="switchTabTo('boulder')">Meine Boulder</a>
	  <a class="button" ng-class="{'active': activeTab === 'project'}" ng-click="switchTabTo('project')">Meine Projekte</a>

and in the controller

$scope.switchTabTo = function (tabId, u_id) {
    $scope.activeTab = tabId;

this works fine in 0.10.0 but not in 0.9.27. so the active class is for a short time active and then the active class disappears. you need to set the css for active.

many thanks,

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