Bug still exists in CLI 3.4.0

Updated to the latest CLI 3.4.0 interface - but command

ionic serve

still produces the following error:

[ERROR] app-scripts serve unexpectedly failed.settings: undefinedcontext: [object Object]

Still having to use

npm run ionic:serve

Do I have to update the app as well to get ionic serve to work?

The problem you are seeing is caused by @ionic/app-scripts which builds your app from /src to /wwwbefore ionic serve then displays it. Be using npm run ionic:serve you only display the app directly from /www, but your changes in TypeScript code in /src will not get reflected in /www.

Did you open an issue with Ionic CLI or app-scripts about the bug you are getting?

It was a bug which was already reported (by someone else) and was supposed to be fixed in the next build which was this morning.

Changes to the Typescript code do get reflected in www. - Its just a pain in the neck when you forget to use the npm run method.

Yeah sorry, misread as build, not serve.

If it was an issue already, just comment on it so it gets looked at again. The development team doesn’t monitor the forum but the Github issues.

That’s a real pity as it would tell the developers which parts of Ionic users are struggling with!

If users struggle enough, they take the initiative and report the errors as Github issues… especially after being told that this is the desired way to report problems and bugs.