Bug on SELECT option text tap

When I tap on option text of a select iOS open a wrong keyboard ( for text input )

Instead if I tap on select arrow or near the label iOS show select options.

I’m using Ionic beta 6

I have a similar problem with WP8. I know that there is no support of this, but mainly it looks not bad on WP8 (except of the icons, but this is another problem) and I want to emphasize this small problem with the select box, namely:

If I click on the list item (class=“item item-input item-select”) but not on the select box itself (this means the text or the arrow) I get the expected result, but if I click onto the other parts I get 2 times the select box (after the first choice it opens instant again).

Is there any workaround (except of waiting for the new ionic version)?

I’m using ionic 1.0.0 beta 8.

Thanks for the great Framework!!!