Bug in iPhone6 with modal screen

Bug on the iPhone 6. I click the button in modal window, which closes the modal window. When I press a button, I will press also another input/button/etc, which are in the same place, but on the main screen. Even if i will change state.

PS when modal screen opened, body has class with pointer-event:none;

Show us a reproducible example please.

How i can do it? Can You help?

No, I ask you to provide the code needed to build something that shows the bug. You seem to have it, so you should be able to compile it down to the important code and e.g. post an example project on Github.

Somehow this bug disappear in a new version.

That are the best bugs.

yep. But it came back, but in different screen=) I can’t send a code. It’s commercial project.

The rebuild it with a new, blank project. If it’s really a bug shouldn’t be too hard to replicate.