Bug in IonicPro deploy documentation (extract)

I am not sure how to “report this through the official channels”, but the deploy documentation for IonicPro is broken.

According to the documentation, the extract call should return a true callback when the extraction is done.
But as I found out by adding logs, it actually return done instead.

[Log] extract progress = 91 (cordova.js, line 1731, x141)
[Log] extract progress = 92 (cordova.js, line 1731, x158)
[Log] extract progress = 93 (cordova.js, line 1731, x151)
[Log] extract progress = 94 (cordova.js, line 1731, x121)
[Log] extract progress = 95 (cordova.js, line 1731, x77)
[Log] extract progress = 100 (cordova.js, line 1731)
[Log] extract progress = done (cordova.js, line 1731)

You can lay your info to…

‘Report services bug or issue’

Thanks! FYI, behavior is different on android on iOS. android returns the documented true. iOS returns done