Bug in code sample for Get All Contacts?

For the ngCordova Contacts plugin, the sample code to read/get all contacts without filtering is given as below:

$scope.getAllContacts = function() {
    $cordovaContacts.find().then(function(allContacts) { //omitting parameter to .find() causes all contacts to be returned
      $scope.contacts = allContacts;

Note the find() method without any parameter. The comment beside it states, “//omitting parameter to .find() causes all contacts to be returned

Apparently, the missing options argument seems to cause error for the Cordova plugin.

Thus I suspect we may still need this:

var opts = {          //search options
  filter : "",        // Set to empty string to match any contact?
  multiple: true     // A search may return multiple contacts

// Still need the opts argument after all.
$cordovaContacts.find(opts).then(function(allContacts) {
  $scope.contacts = allContacts;

I believe there could be something wrong with the sample code, though I am not 100% sure. If someone can confirm this, it would be great.

Hope this helps someone facing weird error with it.