$cordovaContacts from within AngularJS Service

I am trying to use $cordovaContacts service defined in the ngCordova module. I am trying to get the phone contacts in a service so I can use it across controllers.


angular.module("services", ['ngCordova'])
  .factory("ContactManager", function($cordovaContacts) {
    var contacts; //variable that holds contacts, returned from getContacts

     return {
        getContacts: function() {
          var options = {};
           options.filter = "";
           options.multiple = true;

           //get the phone contacts
           $cordovaContacts.find(options).then(function(result) {
             contacts = result;
             }, function(err) {
         return contacts;
  }) ;


angular.module("controllers", ['services'])
  .controller("ContactCtrl", function(ContactManager) {
     $scope.contacts = ContactManager.getContacts(); //this doesn't get set

The problem is that ‘$scope.contacts’ does not get set inside the controller. However, when put the service code inside the controller directly without using the service, the code works. I have been trying to figure out what the problem is. Please help!

Because your getcontacts method is not returning any thing. Way to do it is pass scope.contacts in method and set it to service contacts after it fetches results.

assuming this is same question as stackoverflow

Here for reference: